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Operations Manager

Diane joined Motus Commercials in 2010 as an office administrator, quickly transitioning to the Service Department. Over two years, she advanced to become the Service Department supervisor, overseeing a team of four. In April 2019, Diane moved to RLP Distribution as an Account Support professional, progressing to Operations Manager by March 2023.


Diane says ''I thoroughly enjoy overseeing all agent accounts in my current role, I can honestly say I love my job''

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Senior Technical Advisor

Beginning his career with Ratcliff over 26 years ago, Peter has developed his extensive technical knowledge of not only Ratcliff tail lifts but also Anteo, Erhel, Ross & Bonnyman and MBB and his industry experience is vital to the continued success of RLP.


Peter’s role involves day to day technical assistance and he is always happy to help with any customer enquiries


Senior Supply Chain Co-Ordinator

Since 2008, I've held various roles in purchasing and supply chain. Starting at Ratcliff Tail lifts in 1998, I progressed from stores to managing chargehand responsibilities. Transitioning to the office supply chain team, I played a key role in implementing the new Kan Ban system. Over the years, my focus shifted to ensuring parts availability, handling orders, and addressing shop floor issues. With the transition to Palfinger in 2019, my roles adapted, and I've been working with RLP to maintain spare parts supply. Now part of the RLP team, I'm excited to evolve my role further with Diane and her team.

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Warehouse Assistant

I've been part of warehouse operations for the last 24 months, gaining expertise in order processing, booking in, packing, and utilizing various machinery. Having joined RLP slightly recently, I've encountered a diligent and professional work environment. There have been abundant opportunities to acquire new skills and challenge myself to go the extra mile. From day one, I felt warmly welcomed, finding a homey atmosphere. Both coworkers and managers consistently extend a helping hand and offer valuable advice, making my journey smoother. Despite my brief tenure, I've relished the experience and eagerly anticipate building a long-lasting career and advancing with this fantastic team. Onward and upward!


Warehouse Supervisor

Phil came to RLP with over 15 years of warehousing experience, and a highly organised approach to running a warehouse operation, ensuring that important stock management procedures and targets are met.


As supervisor, Phil is responsible for maintaining the highest standards within our warehouse for all incoming stock and outgoing customer orders.

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Account Support

I dedicated almost two decades to the haulage industry, commencing as an office admin clerk and subsequently diversifying my roles over the next 20+ years. From handling imports/exports to collaborating with directors in the financial department and even wiring up computer servers for the European Network, I immersed myself in various aspects.

Upon joining HTL, I initially lacked experience with lifts.


However, through collaboration with engineers, I honed technical skills that empowered me to comprehend and utilize software and manuals effectively. This proficiency proved valuable when I transitioned to RLP

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